dimanche 19 avril 2009

My Mariah Carey "Fantasy" mix now improved
and hotter than a fireman in suspenders and a bra

Sorry, I couldn't resist this ridiculous photo, found whilst trawling through Google Images

When doing the Mariah Carey edit below I realised that a previous edit for her song Fantasy done last November could have been better quality. At the time I had gleaned the necessary mixes from a couple of different blogs and they were not encoded with a great bitrate.

A quick shout out for help on this page got me the top-quality mixes I needed very quickly from those nice folks at the Nineties Club CD Maxi Singles blog. Excellent! I immediately got to work recreating my edit...

You can read the original post all about it here. The download link there has been updated, but if you don't want to read the story behind it you can download my 20-minute mix of the Def Drums, Def Club and Sweet Dub mixes here (46MB).

I love this classic track (almost fifteen years old already!), and I'm pretty pleased with the re-edit. I'd also like to know the story behind that ridiculous photo (UPDATE: it's here).

3 commentaires:

Mark S a dit…

Hee hee, great photo of mariah! ;-)
Looking forward to checking the re-edit later. :-)

Mark S a dit…

I finally listened to this last night. I have to say you did a fantastic job on all 3 mixes! I'm glad i could assist with the tracks. :-)

Jason Fist a dit…

Thanks Mark. Glad you like it.

Gets me dancing and warbling away every time!