jeudi 20 mars 2008

The mixes and the dubs

I've been posting my re-edits on my other blog ( for a while now, but I thought it might be useful to collect them all in one place, without extraneous articles about my life getting in the way. Hopefully this will help people find them, and - eventually - appreciate them.

I've called it The Mixes And The Dubs because that's what my re-edits often boil down to; taking the vocal mix and the dub of a track and editing them together so that you can't tell where the join was made. Sounds simpler than it is. Sometimes the re-edits are more involved than that, sometimes they're just dead simple, but I love having a track that lasts 10 or even 15 minutes (sometimes more!) where the same elements are reused in loads of clever ways. I've always been fascinated by remixes, reinterpretations. All music is - partly - a work in progress.

I usually call them my Fist Fusions (from my old DJ name - Jason Fist). I'm no Danny Krivit, I don't have any studio equipment (I used Amadeus Pro on a bog standard Macbook) but I'm proud of them, otherwise I wouldn't be posting them!

Most of the music is from the early nineties. I love the MAW mixes from that time, as well as Sanchez, DJ Duke, MK, Morales, Satoshi Tomiie, etc.

So enjoy the blog, leave comments, listen to the mixes, tell me what you think.