mercredi 8 avril 2009

Horace Brown
"One For The Money (C&C Music Factory mix)" - 1996

Quite unlike me to listen to anything recorded after 1994... ;-) but a classic is a classic, whatever the year.

This was a an R&B smoocher in 1996, with Horace boasting about how he has risen from poverty (sub-text: thanks to his amazing TALENT) and now has a new mansion, champagne soirées, etc. etc. (thanks to his amazing TALENT). That boy. What a larf!

Nevertheless, not a half bad song. Unsurprisingly, the video (see below) is classic mid-nineties MTV-formatted posturing with lots of spontaneous synchronised dancing in black suits. Who would have thought that Clivilles & Cole could turn it into a great house number? I especially like their mix because a) they take their time (10'26") to build the thing up, and b) it's really a mix in two halves with the vocal flowing into the dub effortlessly. Classic C&C genius.

Perhaps not especially rare (apparently available on a German CD-single here through but I couldn't find it on any of the other blogs, so here it is! (in audiophile and iPod-friendly encodes)

Download Horace Brown "One For The Money
(C&C Music Factory mix) here
or there's a 256 kbps VBR AAC file here.

(If you don't know what FLAC is or what to do with it you might like to read this on Wikipedia and download rather useful program Songbird which can read almost every audio format you can throw at it and may well come in handy in the future).

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