vendredi 17 avril 2009

My Barabara Tucker Fist fusion

Ah, 1994! That was the year. Heaps of classic garage tracks, plus Johnny Vicious and Armand Van Helden at their prime. Delicious.

This tracks was one of the first fusions I ever did, using no less than four mixes and lasting nearly 22 minutes. I like the way the mixes all had their own personality and yet flowed into each other well. Some purists might not appreciate Armand's stomping bit at the end, but I loved it then and I love it now. Reminds me of my sole visit to the Factory Bar in New York... (*sigh*)


You can download my Fist Fusion of
Barbara Tucker "I Get Lifted" (42MB) here

2 commentaires:

milola a dit…

There's a problem with this link, dude.

Jason Fist a dit…

Link's fine, but the file name is too long for Mediafire.

Download it and add .m4a to the end of the file name and it should be fine.