lundi 8 juin 2009

Titiyo - Back & Forth (1993)

I suspect that the release of Titiyo's album "This Is" in the 'States in 1993 was partly due to the success of her previous one, and partly because she just happens to be Neneh Cherry's baby sister.

With such a sniggersome artist name and unfortunate double-entendre single title, it's no wonder that Back & Forth didn't really make its mark in England, however it did include a couple of remixes from young upstarts Masters At Work (as did the follow-up single Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming). Both were undiscovered classics for me until a few years ago. Both show MAW at their inventive best at the beginning of the nineties (yes, again).

In Back & Forth's case, the vocal mix sounded very different from the the dub - which is basically an instrumental excursion with added sax solo - but I had the feeling that the beats at the end of the one would meld well into the instrumental beginning of the other, and I think I was right! With a little extra tweaking and sampling, they came together to make one brilliant 11-minute whole, and I especially like the surprising change of mood between the two (surprising because it seems to flow quite naturally). Have a listen if you like...

You can download Titiyo - Back & Forth
(Masters At Work 12"/Horny dub Fist fusion)
as an audiophile FLAC file here (72MB)
or an iPod-friendly AAC file here (20MB).

2 commentaires:

Mark S a dit…

This is a classic from MAW! The mixes were kinda short though so i'm glad you sequenced them together. I enjoyed listening to your latest re-edit! :-)

Anonyme a dit…

hello jason

nice blog....just would like to know if it will be possible to upload the 2 originals mix at 320..
i already downloaded your fusion mix but have the originals will be very cool too ;) thanx in advance