lundi 29 juin 2009

Michael Jackson -
Thriller (OOFT Music Phazed edit & Fist retouch)

Michael Jackson had long been in that category of best-work-behind-them for me (Madonna's in there too). He made some tracks that redefined music, then he did a lot of crap, was miserable and went mad. Soon, (if he's not plastinated) he'll look like one of the dancers in his Thriller video.

Of course we have him to thanks for many classic tracks and remixes. My favourite was probably the OOFT Music Phazed edit of Thriller, as it stays pretty faithful to the original, removing most of the vocals and relentlessly working that funky hook. It's subtle and clever at the same time, and I even bought the CD after hearing it on a blog a couple of years back. However, the OOFT version does keep in a few elements from the video (i.e. a long break) that I wasn't really keen on, so I did my own version with the break removed (plus an extra quick bit of filter), and here it is.

You can download my slightly retouched version of
Thriller (OOFT Music Phazed edit) here

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