jeudi 25 juin 2009

Mariah Carey - Emotions (1991) C&C mixes

I never thought of myself as a Mariah Carey fan. In fact, I always thought of Mariah Carey fans as a bit naff. She's so obviously a product that surely a music fan with taste couldn't take her seriously, right?

Well, the above notwithstanding, she did have some cracking songs (although this is no longer the case as far as I can tell), and her relationship with Clivilles & Cole and especially David Morals have harvested some classic tracks. So let's say I'm a fan of some Mariah Carey remixes, and not really mad about the busty train wreck that she's become.

There are whole blogs devoted to MC and this is not one of them, but I came across this track somewhere and - dammit - fell in love. The CD-single of the C&C remixes is very hard to find now, and I had to splurge a bit to get my hands on one. After 2 months, a missed recorded delivery and some to-ing and fro-ing to Germany and back, I finally have it and really wanted to put the vocal and the dub together.

It wasn't especially difficult, although the mastering is very different on the two mixes and I had to juggle with the volume to make one flow into the next seamlessly. I was also able to correct a master error where there was a slight flutter on one channel at one point.

The production on these tracks - as with most C&C remixes - is amazing, especially on the rhythmic elements. My fusion is 13'25" long and hopefully makes it even more enjoyable to listen to.

You can download Mariah Carey - Emotions
(C&C 12" Club N°1/Dub-Dub mix Fist fusion)
as an audiophile FLAC file here (95MB)
or an iPod-friendly AAC file here (25MB).

2 commentaires:

Mark S a dit…

I'm glad you got this CDM!

Nice re-edit - Just listened to this on my ipod on the way to work. :-)

jactarus a dit…

Great re-edit !


I wonder what you would have done with "Make It Happen" ...

Anyway, thanks again !