mercredi 17 juin 2009

Sandy B - Feel Like SIngin' (1992) - UPDATED

Bit of a no brainer this one. A classic track that I was reminded of by the Nineties Club CD Singles blog (again).

Listening to the two Morales mixes, it was obvious that one would easily be melded into the next with a little jiggery-pokery, so I tacked the Erotica mix onto the Def Classic mix, cut out some of the vocals that were repeated in the second half, and it came out really well.

With a long mix (13'22" here!), it's important not to get bored, but here there's always something new, and it's well dosed: a bit of vocals, a bit of the dub, a bit of piano. You have to marvel at the skill of David Morales - the dub is basically built round just three piano notes. Very clever stuff.

UPDATE - Finally got round to buying this for myself. Now in higher quality, and hosted on Soundcloud, but no download: the Morales mix is available to buy on the usual sites, although strangely the Erotica mix isn't. Send me your proof of purchase and I'll send you my fusion. How about that? Otherwise, you can listen below.

2 commentaires:

Mark S a dit…

I knew this would be a goodie and it is. I enjoyed listening to your latest re-edit! :-)

S a dit…

This is one of my favorites from the 90's, and you did a great job with it. So I'm intending to use it in an upcoming mix to be posted on my blog. Thanks for taking the time to create and share it.