lundi 24 novembre 2008

The Notwist get a Jason Fist (slight) re-edit

How can you not love The Notwist? Heart-wrenching vocals, evident ease with electronics, a hint of jazz... They're hardly prolific (new album please!) but their music is endlessly beautiful, even after repeated listening.

I thought I'd tinker with Trashing Days from their last album Neon Golden. I wanted to enhance the dramatic transition between the calm first part and the percussive, all-too-short second half, so I stretched and re-stretched a couple of beats to make a pause before the climax.

There's also some minor mucking about with the intro and outro. Hardly a full workover, but I'm please with the simplicity of it. Download it here.

Can't wait to watch the DVD chronicling the making of the album too.

And if you've only just discovered them, don't miss out on the previous, lesser-known album Shrink, available for just over a tenner here.

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