lundi 24 novembre 2008

The Killers get a re-edit

This is another track that I came across via hypemachine. All life is there.

I can't say I'm a fan of The Killers. They seem like a standard stadium-rock U2 copy (albeit replete with Depeche Mode-style photography from Anton Corbijn), and their lyrics are shite. Pure major-label product. However, I was looking for some Stuart Price remixes for a friend and found this one.

It was a bit too fast to dance to though, so I slowed it down with my Mac. The beginning sounded great, but the end sounded too slow. So I sped it back up again, faster than the original.

What you get is a dancefloor singalong rock song that changes tempo for a demented punk-disco ending. Much better now!

Download it here.

And here's the extended 'arty' video for the single version, directed by Anthony Mandler. Does anyone know what on earth they are going on about?

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