lundi 24 novembre 2008

Classic (but far too slow) French track from the 80s gets Jason Fist re-edit

A lot of people outside of France my not have heard of Axel Bauer. Here, he was a one-hit wonder in 1983, but what a hit! 700,000 copies of Cargo de Nuit were sold However, his follow-up single bombed, the third single did even worse... Axel disappeared, and nobody really cared.

He's still around though, doing the odd gig and TV show, a duet here and there. Nothing very remarkable. Say Axel Bauer and all people will be able to tell you is that he did Cargo de Nuit.

I only heard the track about a year ago, but everyone in France (that is, everyone born before 1980) can sing it by heart. I though it could do with a remix.

Firstly, it was at dub reggae speed, hardly ready to set light to the dancefloor. I sped it up by about 15%, which is huge. Then I extended the beats at the beginning, doubled up some guitar riffs after the chorus, and above all elongated a rather nice bit of Arab percussion, adding some squidgy electronic effects on the second half.

I'm really pleased with it! Download it here.

And have a look at the video below, a sexy Querelle-a-like affair directed by fashion god Jean-Baptise Mondino. Ahh, the 80's. Perhaps they weren't all bad?

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