samedi 12 février 2011

Urban Blues Project feat. Jay Williams - Testify (1997)

I have to admit I missed this one when it came out. Too cheesy perhaps? Or perhaps the sleeve was just too damn ugly (c'mon, it's a disaster). However, with hindsight (and closer listening to the Roger S. and Mousse T. mixes) it really is insanely catchy.

And after buying all the mixes from (increasingly interesting site) Traxsource, I decided to hook the Mousse T. vocal up with the dub, trim things down a little, and tag on one of the Matthew Roberts mixes to make an irresistible, ever-evolving l-o-n-g version: 16 minutes! Have a listen below.

I haven't put my version up for free download because the tracks are available to purchase legally, but if you contact me with a proof of purchase (from anywhere), I'd be happy to pass it on :-)

Fancy seeing Jay Williams diva it up big style? Check this out...

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Mark S a dit…

Good stuff Jason

The track brings back memories of when Mousse T was remixing some great tracks, including this one here.

Thanks for posting!