mercredi 14 juillet 2010

Miami Sound Machine - Jambala (1994)

Sometimes, the links between music and films are completely mystifying. I've never seen The Specialist, but from what I've found on YouTube, I haven't missed anything. This poorly scripted/acted/filmed piece of nonsense seems to have been aimed at teenage boys who like explosions and the promise of seeing Sharon Stone in a nightie. The trailer is truly to be cringed at.

James Wood hamming it up even more than Sylvester Stallone? Incredible.

Strangely though, the film had a John Barry score that wasn't terrible (even if it sounded very much like James Bond) and someone had the odd but inspired idea to bring out, er, a CD of dance remixes linked to the film. Very odd indeed, but with surprising results: David Morales, E-Smoove, Ralphi Rosario... and Johnny Vicious. Not the most subtle of remixes, but a good line-up to be sure.

I was a big fan of Johnny Vicious' remixes of the time, but strangely his mix of Miami Sound Machine left me slightly cold, and I soon forgot it. Over the years however it's aged surprisingly well, with a certain blunt charm - congas and rave stabs - that I'm now quite pleased to listen to again. Funny how some tracks age well like that.

It was only when trawling through Discogs that I realised that the CD-single had a different mix of his from the album. Both are along the same lines, but with interesting differences, and the Original mix is not as easy to find as the Alternative mix that was on the CD album. So here it is! Press play to liste or click the download button to keep a copy.

Needless to say, neither is now available as a legal download (although you can still get the Barry score if you want).

Fancy seeing some more of the film? This scene brings cliché to a whole new level...

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Mark S a dit…

I had this on vinyl a while back now. I think it had a featured track by Donna Allen aswell as MSM.

Johnny Vicious Main Mix is great, great to have it digitally too.