mardi 27 juillet 2010

Dread Flimstone - From The Ghetto (1991)

Here's another find from my recent eBay spendarama, and another CD that wasn't on Discogs (now rectified, here). I first heard about these mixes from The Soul Vendor blog, which had lots of interesting stuff on it before dying off last October with no explanation. Perhaps they've moved on to somewhere I don't know about.

Anyway, I came acros the CD promo on eBay for a reasonable price and snapped it up. Not only are there are few very reasonable Freddy Bastone remixes on there, but also two exceptional early Danny Tenaglia mixes. It would seem that they are very hard to find on CD, so I was really pleased! Have a listen...

I have a natural wariness for white boys doing reggae, even if it's reggae mixed as house (and that goes for white girls too), but I have to say that this song is insanely catchy, and I'm really pleased to be able to share it with everyone.

Of course, it isn't available as a legal download anywhere, so you can grab your copy of the promo CD in 256kbps AAC (66MB) here. Enjoy!

3 commentaires:

Mark S a dit…

Thank you!

Downloading now, can't wait to hear these mixes. I remember the original version of the song. It was played quite a bit on the radio in the UK i seem to recall.

Konstantin Golubenkov a dit…

I actually found some mixes on iTunes, but once again, thanks for a great post!! K.

Jason Fist a dit…

Yeah, the Bastone mixes are on iTunes, but my favourite is still the Tenaglia mix (plus it's twice as long!)