mercredi 7 octobre 2009

That Old Bag - Erotica (1992).
Exclusive Masters At Work mix

I won't go on about how terrible, irredeemably awful her current product is (I wouldn't even call it music any more) but suffice to say that some people should - at some point - realise that they've said all they had to say, don't need any more money, and just retire.

Unfortunately, this increasingly-crusty old bag is still going strong. I prefer to ignore the adoptions, divorces and facelifts and focus myself on 1992 and this amazing release. The Masters At Work mix of Erotica was a thing of beauty, deceptively simple (based on three repeating chords) that added element upon element, building higher and higher... and then stopping abruptly. I always thought that the main MAW mix was way too short. Luckily, I recently came across the vinyl dubs on someone's blog (no idea where now) and thought it was time to give this version the length it deserves.

The House Instrumental is indeed the perfect counterpart to the Underground Club mix, with plenty of FX and dubbiness to keep the interest going. Put together, they give a 9'25" version that is - to me - much more satisfying, (dare I say it) length-wise. Brings back memories indeed.

You can download my
Underground Club mix / House Instrumental Fist fusion
of one of that old bag's best tunes here (22MB)

4 commentaires:

Kevin a dit…

HA HA HA HA HA! Jason, you had me in stitches!

Marry me!

Mark S a dit…

Great post!!!

I always thought the same about the mixes being too short. So a great job on the edit.

Oh and the title too!!! ;-)

Konstantin Golubenkov a dit…

after 17 years I got exactly what I wanted! great editing job. Thank you so much :-)

Jason Fist a dit…

Glad you like it Konstantin.

And thanks for the compliments everyone!