dimanche 18 octobre 2009

B.M.U. - U Will Know (C.J. Mackintosh mixes) (1995)

Black Men United was a 'supergroup' made up of R. Kelly, Boyz II Men, Tony Toni Tone, Tevin Campbell, Usher and more (including Lenny Kravitz on guitar!), apparently formed just for this track, in order to promote the film Jason's Lyric.

Jason's Lyric, "a modern day Romeo & Juliet from the makers of New Jack City" was clearly aimed at he black demographic - both thematically and musically - and allegedly nearly got an X rating for a racy sex scene (that was removed). IMDB gives a quote from the film that does not inspire confidence:

Jason Alexander: I've never flown in a plane before.
Lyric: Sometimes you don't need a plane to fly.

or how about when the characters are sitting in the bayou:

Jason Alexander: Damn, it's quiet out here! I should've brought my radio.
Lyric: [smiling] No, it's not quiet. It's full of music. Just listen.


And talking about music, the B.M.U. track U Will Know came with sterling remixes from C.J. Mackintosh, including two house mixes that were very cleverly constructed, skilfully layering element on element.

It occurred to me that it would be possible to put the two of them together, so I extended the intro a little and made one mix flow into the other, giving the track five minutes to build up before the vocal parts come in. Even at nearly 12 minutes long, you never get bored. A testament to a well-made remix. Have a listen...

This really reminds of the time when Mackintosh was dishing out what he called FXTC dubs with generally superlative results (Sounds of Blackness, for example), and I never tire of listening to the track, 15 years later.

You can download my BMU - U Will Know
(C.J. Mackintosh Lyrical dub/House lyric Fist fusion)
here (17 MB).

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Alexandre a dit…

classic house and i´ll hear for a long time...precious track. Congratulations for the mix.