jeudi 10 septembre 2009

Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson - The Best Things In Life Are Free (1992)

I think Mo' Money was probably a terrible film. Lord know how they managed to get so much great music on there: Caron Wheeler (with great remixes by Tenaglia), Sounds of Blackness (with remixes by Morales) and this, the motherlode, one of the greatest garage tracks ever and one of my most favourite memories of being on a dancefloor during the nineties.

Bot the vocal and dub versions were amazing, inventive, joyous, hypnotic. It's garage as it was meant to be: uplifting, ridiculously uplifting even, a masterpiece.

Can't say I liked the later remixes from 1996 - despite coming from Sanchez and MK - so I went back to the source: from the US CD-single, I used two of the classic CJ Mackintosh mixes and one Morales mix, moving from the dub, to the vocal and back to a dub, making one long epic that lasts - unbelievably - nearly 25 minutes! It's a mix that dares to take its time (there isn't even a beat until 1'30") and it's consistently interesting and different.

Check it out here...

This is one of the first edits I ever tried, I still love it, and I've just re-done it in better quality for you to enjoy! The mix sounds deceptively simple, but there was a fair bit of tweaking involved, and my favourite bit is around the 16-minute mark (in case you're wondering).

You can download
Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson
The Best Things In Life Are Free
(CJ's Fxtc dub/UK 12"/Def version Fist fusion)
here (48MB)

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thebeathunters a dit…

thanks for this gem!
the sanchez remixe on am-pm was pretty cool though
thanks for this trip down memory lane

Anonyme a dit…

I *really* need this mix! Could you reupload it? :)

Jason Fist a dit…

I've changed the download link, but you can also download via Soundcloud. Just click the arrow button on the player.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks a lot! :)