dimanche 6 septembre 2009

Eighth Wonder - I'm Not Scared
(Little Louie Vega mixes) - 1989

I only very vaguely registered Eighth Wonder at the end of the eighties for this - their only decent hit, penned by the then blazing Pet Shop Boys, before they went utterly rancid.

What I only just found out however is that the track was remixed for the American market by a certain... Little Louie Vega, pre-Masters At Work and still very much in Freestyle mode. I knew that Vega had been very active on the New York freestyle scene, and yet it has only just struck me that freestyle's position as part way between house and hip hop was the perfect preparation for the Kenlou mixes that were to follow a few years later, with both club and jeep beats handled with precision and intelligence.

Although a shortened version of Vega's main mix of I'm Not Scared was released on CD, the full mix (and dub) were only available on 12" promo. I'm not really up for paying a lot to find a copy, but I did manage to find half-decent rips of both mixes that allowed me to whip up a quick fusion. And here it is.

And if anyone has a good rip of the full, 7'17" vocal mix, I'd love to have it.

You can download
Eighth Wonder - I'm Not Scared
(Little Louie Vega mix/dub Fist fusion)
here (11MB)

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