mercredi 11 novembre 2009

Nuyorican extended

Back in 1997 I was working in the dysfunctional Black Market shop in Paris and the buzz around the release of Nuyorican Soul was immense. A frenzy. The Paris crowd worshipped Masters At Work, had in-depth knowledge of disco, jazz and latin influences (Spain is, er, not far) and the Nuyorican Soul album had them all in qualitative spades.

Add to that some killer remixes of the album's singles - including a couple from Armand Van Helden at the top of his game - and the album was absolutely essential.

Strangely enough, in a market dominated by reissues and 'platinum versions' the tenth anniversary of the release went by without any sort of celebration. Surely there's a market for a special 2CD edition with extra mixes? For a start, I'd love to find a digital copy of I Love The Nightlife that they did for the soundtrack of Whit Stillman's The Last Days of Disco. After all, despite being on Sony (whereas the Nuyorican album was through Universal) it was out around the same time, and has never been released on CD.

Anyway, I'd made my own long version of the album a while back, but in low quality mp3, so I decided to start over in high-quality. The tracks were all sequenced together already, but I've replaced the short versions of the singles with their extended or remixed versions and tacked another remix on the end, making the whole thing 30 minutes longer (1h44min!). I like to think of it as an extended listening session for real fans of the album.

You can download my Fist extension here 
(it's 200MB so it may take a while).

As a bonus I've done a new extension of Runaway too. At the time, the Armand Van Helden mix was getting all the attention, and only one of the Mousse T. mixes was on the CD-single in Europe. I've taken the two that were on the US CD-single and melded them into a 14-minute piece by extending the end of one and fading it into the next. Works pretty well!

Have a listen:

You can download my Runaway (Mousse T's Jazz Funk Experience / Spanish Underground mix Fist fusion)
here (27MB).

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Mark S a dit…

I'm looking forward to listening to these. I remember getting the album on both 6 vinyl box-set & 2cd. I still have both actually. I don't think i could sell the vinyl box-set anyway. My fave collaboration was definitely with George Benson. Gotta love the "jazzy guitar" & scat on You Can Do It!

Jason Fist a dit…

Yeah, the vinyl box set was the thing of envy back then. No-one in Black Market gave a flying fugg for CDs!

Mark S a dit…

I can imagine the cd format not going down to well at all. The vinyl box-set had alot more going for it in terms of the tracks being longer i suppose. The packaging with the box was legendary aswell. I still got mine in mint condition. :)

OEasy a dit…

you can download the extended mix at the link above....and the LDOD sndtrk at the link is malcom.

Jason Fist a dit…

Thanks for that, Omar.

The soundtrack is (expectedly) nearly all short versions, and I can't download the long MAW mix on my Mac (the site tries to install a PC file).

By the way, saw the film the other day and it's not very good. And the MAW track isn't even in it, even though it's credited!

Bongydread a dit…

It is a classic album, and yeah a reissue could be a good iedea. Never heard about the Mousse T remixes, nice! I loved the remix of Black Gold of the Sun that featured Q-Tip, I never saw any proper credits on that, maybe it was something Kenny Dope knocked out? The 4 Hero remixestoo!

sanpanico a dit…

Thanks for this! I have the 4lp vinyl along with a couple of the 12 singles. Played once, committed to digital. I've been looking for the CD promo box. I also have made a point of gathering all the NYS remixes as well. Not all are as great, but worth having just the same! Cheers.