dimanche 10 mai 2009

Incognito - Out of the Storm (1996)

Found this - or rather came across this again - on the ever-wonderful Finest Def Mix blog. Back in the days I only really ever knew the amazing, sulty Carl Craig mix that was on the Late Night Sessions II by X-Press 2, still an amazing compilation.

Finest Def Mix is wonderful, but their posts are in mp3 format at only 192kbps, which has a nasty effect on sound quality. I loved the two Morales mixes on this CD so much that I went and bought the CD-single so I could do my own Fist fusion.

Using the beginning of the instrumental, I then mix into the vocal version and add an extra but of piano at the end, resulting in a mix that lasts over eleven and a half minutes. I'm really pretty pleased with it and it's my favourite track of the moment! Can't believe it's 13 years old...

Have a listen if you like!

You can download Incognito "Out of the Storm (Morales Sleaze / Instrumental mix Fist fusion)" as an
audiophile FLAC file here (84MB) or an
iPod-friendly 256kbps VBR AAC file here. (22MB)

4 commentaires:

Mark S a dit…

I was hoping you would do something with this track & you have done. Can't wait to give a listen soon!

I have that comp aswell, one of my fave mixed CD's. Did you ever check the DJ Harvey - "Late Night Sessions" CD? That was a bit alright aswell, worth purchasing if you haven't already.

Mark S a dit…

Jason! I listened to this last night & enjoyed the result. Keep the the edits please! :-)

Jason Fist a dit…

Thanks Mark! Haven't got a lot of time at the moment, but there's more stuff in the works :-)

grovvy1967 a dit…

Jason, I can see my reflection on you. This is one of those that you have to have on 320k, so last year I purchased one through Discogs. Love your fusions. Please keep it up, even though I can do the same. Sometimes I feel lazy. Thanks for the posts!