jeudi 19 mars 2009

The golden period of Masters At Work

There were a few years in the 90s when no-one could touch the Masters At Work. Ideas, beauty, energy: they were at the top of their form. Equally at home with chugging jeep beats or clickety-skip house, the production was perfect and the music amazing.

I've done numerous re-edits of their various remixes, but here are a couple that are a little different. For "Like An Eagle" by the Neville Brothers and "Nothing Can Stop Us" by Saint Etienne I've coupled the downtempo mix with the house mix. There's an obvious transition because of the different BPM, but I think they flow quite well. Good for a change of tempo during a DJ set perhaps?

By the way, can you imagine being a product manager at Warner in New York in 1992, being handed a UK indie group like Saint Etienne and deciding that it would be a good idea to give two of their tracks to Masters At Work? Inspired or reckless, the results were classics...

The Neville Brothers "Fly Like An Eagle (12" Remix/Slippin dub Fist fusion)"
Saint Etienne "Nothing Can Stop Us (Masters At Work remix/dub)"

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Mark S a dit…

Great combo. The result is very nice!!! :-)