dimanche 1 février 2009

More MAW, more me

Following other blogs can be a sobering experience sometimes. For quite a while I couldn't find any current music I liked. My hypemachine thread was coming up with duds. Nothing on junodownload was doing it for me.

Then I came across some amazing blogs with music from the period I love. '92, 93', '94. Places like 90s Club CD Maxi Singles (run by a guy called Mark S) and Finest Def Mix. After having already bought everything I thought I liked from that time (thanks, eBay), these tireless bloggers were coming up with endless gems, day after day after day, that I'd never heard before.

At the same time, I had been tidying up my CD collection and hoping desperately to find time to get my vinyl organised. I set some CDs aside to sell them. Checking on Discogs and eBay, I have now understood that they are almost all completely worthless. All the stuff I thought was rare turns out to be commonplace. I do not have a large, priceless collection of music. I have a huge, worthless waste of space.

Of course I'm exaggerating. Many of my CDs aren't worth euros, but they are priceless to me, and the upside is that even if the other blogs put my paltry selection into perspective, I can still bring something to the table and get pleasure from some real discoveries.

Like Meli'sa Morgan (love that apostrophe). I came across a vinyl rip of her track "Still In Love With You" on the Gotta Have House blog. It blew me away. Firstly, both the mix and dub were great, secondly they are from the golden period of Masters At Work (early nineties) and thirdly I'd never heard of them before.

There was quite a lot of noise on the mp3's, which was a shame, so I de-clicked them with ClickRepair, took out the excess empty space at the beginning and end of the tracks and re-posted them for anyone to download. Mark S saw my comment, did a bit of research and found out that - in theory - a CD-single of the MAW mixes existed. In the meantime, I has gone mad about the track, e-mailing Meli'sa's old label and leaving a message on her Myspace page (neither ever replied).

But Mark came up trumps. Finding a CD-single for sale on amazon.de, but with no tracklisting, he chanced his luck and ordered it. A few days later, he received the CD and it contained all the Masters At Work mixes in top quality. For a househead and MAW-lover like me, it was as dream come true. He very kindly posted them to me for a project I had in mind...

Like many MAW mixes of the time, the vocal and dub were different but could be combined easily into one long track. Which, of course, I couldn't resist. So here's my Fist fusion of the Meli'sa's In The House and Hard Love dub mixes by Masters At Work. Top quality sound, top quality mixes, and my humble input. Perhaps I have something to offer to music after all.

Download Meli'sa Morgan - Still In Love With You (Meli'sa's In The House mix & Hard Luv dub Fist fusion) here.

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Anonyme a dit…

I love the sound quality you've achieved! I've loved this version of this song since it came out, and I wish I had bought the CD maxi when I had the chance. I do have a request if possible. Could you please make the Meli'sa's In The House mix available as a MP3 by itself? If you can, I would greatly appreciate it. Wonderful blog and music. Thank you!

Jason Fist a dit…

Thanks for the kind words.

The mix you wanted is here!

Anonyme a dit…

Wonderful! You have made my week! Thank you so very much! :-)

Disco D a dit…

Mediafire link is dead :(
please re-post.
eager to hear!
thanks :)

Jason Fist a dit…

Link fixed.


Disco D a dit…

thank you :)

Anonyme a dit…

Je rêve de pouvoir télécharger de nouveau mix : Meli'sa Morgan - Still In Love With You (Meli'sa's In The House mix & Hard Luv dub Fist fusion)
le .m4A

Vous pouvez le remettre SVP ?

Jason Fist a dit…

C'est fait. Le lien remarche.

Ben a dit…

Is it possible to re-upload the Hard Love Dub version? Thanks!

Jason Fist a dit…

Hi Ben. The mix you want can be downloaded here for a limited time.


Dionys77 a dit…

THX so much for that great Song

jason a dit…

Hi Jason
Please be so kind as to post the single mixes of the Melissa Morgan cd if possible.

Thanks in advance

South Africa