lundi 1 novembre 2010

Grace J0nes - L0ve 0n T0p of L0ve (1989)

Just updated my re-edit of my favourite Grace Jones track ever (I originally wrote about it here). It used to be at 192kbps, now it's in Apple Lossless! There's an audible difference, with better clarity in both trebles and bass. I just felt the track deserved absolutely perfect quality, and I still love the version I made, one of my earlier efforts. Listen below and download if you like.

I also did a very quick fusion of the two house mixes (it's just one simple paste actually) to make a 15-minute version with an acapella break. You can download that here. The "Garage house mix" is actually available on iTunes, but they force you to buy the whole Bulletproof Heart album in order to get it. Idiots!

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Mark S a dit…

Very nice work from Clivilles & Cole. Love the whole vibe surrounding this track.

The bassline reminds me of the house mix they did for the Sandee track "Notice Me"

Thanks for posting it up again!